A Fulfilling Side Hustle That Brings Joy to You & Your Community

Papa Pals offer companionship, assistance to elderly, others in need. Apply today!

By Macaroni KID July 10, 2023

Side hustles can often involve tedious work and don't feel like they include a lot of personal reward.

But it doesn't have to be that way! If you want a side hustle that lets you make a positive difference in your community, consider becoming a Papa Pal.

Papa is a healthcare technology company that connects seniors and individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities with "Papa Pals" who provide companion care services and support for everyday needs. As a Papa Pal, you'll be able to provide personalized care and companionship to those who need it most, while earning extra income and building your skills and experience.

Three Macaroni KID publishers who also work as Papa Pals told us how they got involved with Papa and what they get out of the work:

Papa: Flexible Companionship, With Heart

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Brigette Schroeder

How did you get introduced to Papa? My father-in-law died two years ago. The time since has been exceptionally difficult for my mother-in-law. It has been quite challenging finding the help she needs for things like grocery shopping, getting to and from doctor's appointments, and household chores like laundry.

When I heard about Papa, I looked into setting up visits from afar to help my mother-in-law when our family couldn't be around to help. I knew with a Papa Pal's help, she would be able to get back and forth from the bank and grocery store and finish a few simple tasks around the house. Her Papa Pals would also be a friendly ear at times.

Why did you become a Papa Pal? I appreciated there was a service that could help people like my mother-in-law so much that I decided to become a Papa Pal myself. Being a Papa Pal has provided me with a way to give back when I am able, and also earn some extra income. It feels good to be able to offer a little extra help or companionship to someone in need, and great joy to know I am maybe helping a family, just like ours, who isn't able to be there for their loved one because of distance or time constraints. 

The details:

The process of becoming a Papa Pal is quite easy. No healthcare experience is required.
Some of the job requirements include:
 • Age 21 or above
• Caring, patient, and reliable personality
• Must be able to pass a background check

Find out more information about becoming a Papa Pal at!

A way to earn money, work flexible hours, & bring joy

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Aryn Nichols

Why did you become a Papa Pal? I was the main caregiver for my dad before he passed away, and I know how important it is to retain independence as we grow older, but still have the assistance we need. 

How does it work as a job for you? You pick the jobs that work for your schedule. If your kids have a day off school, you can choose not to take Papa jobs that day. It's the perfect flexibility for a parent.

The details:

Some Papa Pals work just three hours a week, while others work 10. The number of hours you work depends on your personal goals and how many Papa members live in your community and need help. Papa Pals earn between $17 and $20 an hour, after bonuses, and are reimbursed for transportation mileage if you provide car rides to a Papa member.

Find out more information about becoming a Papa Pal at!

Making connections

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Alicia Marshall

What do you like about being a Papa Pal? Papa gives us an opportunity to make connections and improve the quality of life for another person.

What did you most enjoy with your Papa Member? I found I enjoyed just reading the newspaper and discussing current events. Connection is a component that we all lost in some way during COVID. I am honored to bring that component back to life.

The details: 

Papa Pals offer companionship as well as assistance with various tasks like household chores, errands, pet care, car rides, and even tech support.

Find out more information about becoming a Papa Pal at!

Want to try your hand at being a Papa Pal? You'll have the chance to join a community of caring and empathetic individuals committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Apply now to be a Papa Pal!

Know of someone who might benefit from visits with a Papa Pal? Most insurances cover this service. Find out more.