ABC Fun For Your Family Bookshelf

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By Alison Wenger March 11, 2018

The TV shows, the movies, the parks… our family loves all things Disney.

Did you know there’s another aspect of Disney we also enjoy? It’s their books, and little ones are never too young to snuggle and enjoy a story!

This month we are featuring A Busy Creature’s Day Eating by the award-winning, best-selling author Mo Willems. This interactive book, recommended for ages 3-5, is one of the latest from Disney Publishing.

You might recognize Willems as the author of the famous Elephant & Piggie books, along with other beloved characters such as Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny.

In A Busy Creature’s Day Eating, Willems introduces a creature who eats everything in sight to the delight of parents and kids alike! It’s a fabulous and fun approach to teaching your little one their ABCs.

Apples! Berries! Cereal! Is there anything this Busy Creature can't crunch? Willems tells an alphabetical tale of hunger, hubris, regret, and redemption as a Busy Creature hilariously chomps and chews its way from A to P and then to Z.
A 26-word Tour de Force, this alphabetical story packs in a hilarious narrative full of emotion.

Add this book to your family bookshelf now!