Boochy Mama's Probiotic Tonic

Toledo-Made Kombucha

By Ann Baisden January 28, 2018

What is that? 

That's something I hear every time one of my family members, co-workers, or friends sees me carrying a bottle of kombucha (which is almost daily).  So of course I explain to them what it is--A fermented tea, full of probiotics and enzymes, that's good for your gut.  I started drinking kombucha about a year ago, and when I discovered a brand that's made locally, I couldn't wait to try it.

Boochy Mama's Probiotic Tonic is made in downtown Toledo, by Toledo native Stacy Jurich.  The tea is made in small batches from organic black or green tea, and then infused with fruits, herbs, flowers and spices, depending on the flavor.  The herbs that are used are supplied by two local, organic farms. The tea ferments for two cycles before ready to sell.  The tonic comes in flavors like Midnight Moon (Juniper, elderberry, rose--my personal favorite!), Winterland Bliss (balsam fir, peppermint, sage) and Cold Fire (ginger, tumeric, echinacea, lemon verbena, cinnamon, black pepper), as well as seasonal flavors.  

So what does it do? Check out Boochy Mama's 95 benefits of drinking Kombucha!

Boochy Mama's also holds community events, including recently a workshop teaching how to make elderberry syrup, a natural remedy for lots of common ailments.  (Watch the Macaroni Kid calendar for more events!)

Boochy Mama's Tonic can be found all over Toledo, in markets such as Kazmaier's, Sautter's, and Phoenix Co-op, as well as restaurants such as The Attic On Adams (on draft!), Original Sub Shop, and SIP Coffee.  Check out the full list of places that carry the tonic!